Let’s RUN 4 a Smile!

V Edition of the International Charity Run “Run 4 a Smile” for children (in four age categories) and adults, Nordic Walking race and other numerous activities during the event.

Galician Town (Miasteczko Galicyjskie), Nowy Sącz, Lwowska 226

02.06.2018 (Saturday)

The Goal:
aise 8.000 PLN— and help Kacper Matusik, eight years boy, suffering from epilepsy and paresis of arms and legs http://www.sc.org.pl/projekty/naratunek/kacper_matusik/


  • free entry the event in Galician Town (Miasteczko Galicyjskie)
  • participation in the Run
    •   10 PLN as a donation for participants registered on-line
    • 20 PLN as a donation for participants registered on the day of the event

The total amount of the money collected during the event will be allocated to help Kacper Matusik.
Thanks to our sponsors, in return of the payment, you will receive: a medal, mineral water and a sweet surprise.

The most important award is the smile of Patryk.
Additionally :
Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, everybody will be given an award. There will be trophies for the first place, medals for all the participants and awards for those who register first on-line.

The main organizer :
WSB-NLU Students

Muzeum Okręgowe w Nowym Sączu,  Stowarzyszenie Sursum Corda, Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Nowym Sączu (MOSiR), Program LLP/Erasmus, Polskie Towarzystwo Tatrzańskie Oddział Beskid, Gościniec Galicyjski, http://mynaszlaku.pl/, Sądeckie Pogotowie Ratunkowe, http://www.rowerempogorach.pl/ , Fundacja Młodzież Edukacja Przyszłość, Studenckie Forum Business Centre Club, Dziecięcy Uniwersytet I-go Wieku

Sponsors 2018:


To participate in the RUN:

Participants are obliged to pay 10 PLN (registered on-line) or 20 PLN   (registered on the day of the event) registration fee and sign the Notification form ((Formularz zgłoszeniowy (osoba dorosła)) in the Running Office.  All participants will get Starting number. If you would like to have your country flag on the starting number you should declare it earlier to the organizers of the run.


This is an open event, addressed to every resident of Nowy Sącz and neighbouring area. Both children and adults are able to participate in the Run and the other outdoor events.


9:00   – Registering the participants in the area of Galician Town

10:00 – Opening of the event and welcoming the participants

10:30  – Run I for children in four age categories on the territory of the LKS Jedność Stadium

11:00 – Performance

11:30  –  Run II for adults in the area of the Open-air Museum (4km) with the finish line in Galician Town

12:00 – Nordic Walking Race on the territory of the Open-air Museum (4km) with the finish line in Galician Town ( Miasteczko Galicyjskie)

at the same time:

Latunga with Olimp (Recreation Centre at WSB-NLU)

12:30 – Global Village – getting to know different cultures (WSB-NLU students)

13:00 – The performance

13:30 – Acknowledgements to the sponsors and awarding