We would like to draw your attention to the particularly difficult situation in which people who need our support find themselves today. Because of the continuing epidemic of coronavirus they have less chance of getting attention to them and their problem now. It seems understandable and obvious that everyone’s eyes and hearts are now focused on helping people with Covid 19 and those who are at risk. However, we think that it is also extremely important to support other sufferers who were also affected by this situation.

❤️We are sincerely convinced that we can help people at any time and in any situation. This is why WSB-NLU academic community has decided to continue the project, adapting it to the current reality, maintaining maximum precautions. Although the formula of the event must be changed, but its beneficial nature will remain the same.❣️

Let’s RUN 4 a Smile!

VII Edition of the International Charity Run “Run 4 a Smile” 
Let’se run, march, ride bikes, roller skates or skateboards, in parks, forests, along bicycle paths, treadmills in our houses, gardens and on balconies for Staś’s smile

Anywhere on earth

06.06 = 07.06 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)

Everyone who wants to help!

The Goal:
aise 20.000 PLN— to collect funds that will be entirely allocated to the treatment and rehabilitation of Staś Gołąb, a mentee of the SURSUM CORDA

Funds that are going to be collected:

Cegiełki individual payments as a donation for participation in the competition – in the amount of a minimum of 10 PLN, which will be multiplied thanks to the generosity of sponsors of this event http://www.sc.org.pl/stasgolab/

Auction income on the Allegro Charytatywni portal – Everyone is welcome to the auction!

All the collected funds will be allocated to the treatment and rehabilitation of 6 year old Staś Gołąb –  Sursum Corda Association!

Stas suffers from a rare genetic disease – Kabuki syndrome and other diseases.

To participate in the 7th edition of Run4aSmile 2020 you should:

  • By June 3, 2020, sign up for the CloudA registration page
  • Choose the type of activity (running, walking, cycling, rollerskating) and the distance you want to cover in the park, forest, in your home, garden or on the balcony 😊.
  • Purchase a starter package, paying a minimum of PLN 10 (you can pay more as  Your extra heart gift for Staś!) for the # Run4aSmile fundraising all money  be donated to Staś’s rehabilitation .
  • As soon as we receive the confirmation of payment,  starting number will be sent to you from us.
  • Record your run using one of the applications for runners and cyclists (more information soon)

On June 6 and 7 we all will run together for Staś’s smile :)! Document your run with greetings for Staś (it can be a photo, video, screenshot from the application measuring kilometers) in the Event (photos with hash tag # run4asmile or # BiegpouśmieStasia) and you will receive an e-mail with a medal that you can print and add to your collection. The most interesting photos and videos will be awarded with special prizes from our sponsors

Each individual payment will be multiplied by our  sponsors

For every 100 PLN collected, the university authorities undertake to cover 1 km in June.


The most important prize is a Staś’s smile 🙂

Special prizes will be given to participants who:

  • Run / walk the longest distance (in a maximum of 4 hours)
  • Who run 4 km in the shortest time
  • Who traveled the longest distance by bike / roller skates / skateboards (in a maximum of 4 hours)


  • Who will upload on Facebook the most interesting photo taken during the event along with greetings to Staś (# run4asmiledla Stasia or # BiegpouśmieStasia) – the photo that gets the most likes wins.
  • Activity for the youngest participants – make a drawing for Stas and send it with the photo in an event on FB – together with greetings to Stas (# run4asmile or # BiegpouśmieStasia) – the winner will be chosen by Staś and his parents

The main organizer :
WSB-NLU Community


General patronage 2019:




9:00   – Welcome  speaches + warm-uponline broadcast

18:00 – Music Concert – online transmission

Arkadio    Kordian Cieślik     Ewa Novel      The Sunflowers,